Michael Jackson For Sale: What Are His Auction Items Worth?

When the King of Pop died in 2009, people around the globe were shocked.  In the aftermath, many were further surprised to learn how the legend had been living his life, or perhaps even escaping from it.  There was no doubt that MJ fever swept the nation in the months that followed his death, as his albums began reaching new records for sales, as well as his music memorabilia.

The most famous item to be put on the auction block was the rhinestone studded glove that the icon wore during the Bad tour in 1988.  This single glove sold for an astonishing $330,000.  Other Michael Jackson items fared surprisingly well, too.  A jacket that Michael Jackson signed sold for $96,000, while one of his trademark black fedoras sold for $72,000.

A pair of loafers worn by Michael Jackson during stage concerts was also a big seller at the Julien’s auction, with the shoes selling for an incredible $90,000.  The auction prices surprised even the auction house themselves, who expected the glove to bring in around $20,000 to $30,000. 


Of course, fans of Michael Jackson can never be underestimated, and it is only fitting that the auctions ended up much the way that Michael Jackson liked to live onstage – bold and incredibly impressive. 

While the world may mourn the loss of the pop icon for many years to come, there are certainly a few fans who can now boast that they are the proud owners of some of the most incredible pieces of pop music memorabilia in the world.

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