The Five Most Disastrously Dressed Hollywood Men

The women of Hollywood aren’t the only guilty party when it comes to committing fashion faux pas these days.  Hollywood men can sometimes dress scary as well. The following is a list of the top 5 Hollywood men most in need of a fashion intervention….


1. Russell Brand
Maybe the comedian’s clothes from movies like ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ and ‘Get Him to the Greek’ are all part of the act.  Then again, when Edward Scissorhands calls to ask for his hairstyle back, and your neighborhood hobos find they are suddenly wearing the latest in fashion (according to Russell), maybe it’s time for an image re-think.


2. Adam Lambert

Even if you loved him on American Idol, the stars over-sequined West Hollywood look seems to veer wildly between Freddy Mercury’s castoffs and clothing found during a dumpster-dive outside a KISS concert.  And didn’t guy-liner go ‘out’ in 1982?
3. David Arquette
It is possible he gets a giggle out of dressing like a big dork, but it still lands him on this list.  Some Hollywood men will soon be dressing in his “Propr” collection; let’s hope the items contained in his clothing line are better than most of his current outfits.


4. Mickey Rourke
We are rooting for his comeback as much as everyone else, but most gossip magazines agree that the dude seriously needs some fashion help.  Being one of the top Hollywood men again will certainly mean a makeover, Mr. Wrestler.
5. Howie Mandel
Someone should tell him the ‘Mr. Clean’ look isn’t in.  With that disturbing little soul patch and out-of-place “is he or isn’t he?” earrings, many women have to say, “No deal.” Leading Hollywood men should never look like evil geniuses, no matter how much they apparently wish they were.

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