Top 5 Inspirational Movie Choices for Mom

If you’re a mom, these five movie choices offer intelligent and modern plots that may inspire you and help you appreciate your role as a mother (if you’re like most moms, I’m sure you need all the help you can get on that one!) 


So pour a glass of wine, take a load off, and enjoy these classic ‘mom movies.’

“Mask” (1985)

Cher is the mom of a child who suffers from a severe facial birth defect.  She’s a working-class mom with good friends and an amazing son.  One of the best of the best in this genre, this film does an excellent job of exploring themes of alienation and how it can ironically create some of the most powerful bonds among people.


“Mr. Mom” (1983)


One of the first movies about fathers who take on a lot of the work that the mom traditionally handles, this movie is funny and, at times, touching.  Released in 1983, “Mr. Mom” was prescient in its portrayal of expanding gender roles.


“Parenthood” (1989)


Nobody does nostalgia like Ron Howard, and he created a classic with this 1989 film.  This movie isn’t all roses but, in its best moments, it’s funny, powerful and poignant.  This film succeeds in providing a very realistic portrayal of the emotional complexities of being a mother.


“Stepmom” (1998)


Two mothers, one the step-mom and the other the birth mom, learn to cope with raising the children of a relationship that didn’t work out.  It has a lot of thoughtful examination of the problems and the advantages of this dynamic.


“Terms of Endearment” (1983)


This one even made the boys cry.  With actors like Jack Nicholson and Debra Winger involved, it’s not surprising how powerful this now-classic ’80s movie is.  This is a mom film for grown-ups, but the very realistic themes may appeal to older children, as well.

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