What is the Best and Most Popular Film of Leonardo DiCaprio?

What is Leonardo DiCaprio’s best movie? That is a seriously challenging question to answer. Consider that the most popular film of all time, “Titanic”, had him in a starring role. Does that mean it is his best movie? Not if you consider his incredible performance in the movie “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” when he was only 19 years old.

It would be hard to say that such an early movie in his career was his best, particularly when you realize that he was also in such hits as “Romeo + Juliet,” “Gangs of New York,” and “The Departed” as well. What all of this adds up to is the fact that it would be virtually impossible to point to a single movie as the very best done by such a young and gifted actor as Leonardo DiCaprio.

What we can indicate is the most popular movie he was in, which was “Titanic” and consider whether or not this was his best all-around performance. Most fans would say that he was amazing in the role of Jack Dawson, but most would also agree that it was probably a less challenging role than others for DiCaprio.

For instance, consider the movie “Blood Diamond” in which he must assume a heavy accent and portray a character with several ethical and moral challenges to overcome. There is also the movie “The Aviator” in which DiCaprio plays a true to life character – Howard Hughes. This must have been a daunting role simply because Hughes is surrounded by all kinds of mystery and rumor, and because the role occurs during a very specific period of the historic billionaire’s lifetime and paints the character (and DiCaprio) in a less than flattering and deeply tragic role.

So, we come to the simple conclusion that DiCaprio is far too young and diverse to allow someone to select his very “best” movie. Instead, we can say that he rarely disappoints and that he is sure to please many more movie fans for decades to come.

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