Why Twitter Is Unique Even Among Social Networks

Are you new to the concept of social networks and find that you don’t know a lot about MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter?  You certainly aren’t alone, but the use of these sites is becoming more popular every day.  If you are wondering what Twitter is all about, here is all you need to know.

While most social networks are places where you can post Blogs (online diaries or personal opinion articles), upload photos of yourself and your friends, and generally keep people posted about what you are doing every second of your day, Twitter is different.  It uses short messages, much like text messages on a cell phone, to let people update their friends on what they are doing right now or what is on their mind. 


With Twitter, you can easily post where you just found the best sushi in New York or why your expensive new vacuum cleaner is making you want to toss it out the window.  It’s like a glimpse inside your mind, only you can share as much or as little as you like (provided it fits within the character limit!)

What really makes Twitter unique, however, is that you don’t choose who reads your posts, which on Twitter are called “Tweets”.  Instead, people who want to know what you are up to can choose to “follow” you on the site.  Your followers get to read all of your posts and you can read the posts of anyone you follow.  You don’t even need a computer to use Twitter – if you have an up-to-date phone that connects to the internet such as an iPhone, you can send daily (or hourly, or every other minute) Tweets to Twitter, letting the world know you’re still alive. 


Many Hollywood celebrities use Twitter frequently and are self-confessed addicts, making it a great way for millions of people to feel like they really know their favorite celebrities.

If you are looking for a simple social network that allows you to share your sense of humor or insight without revealing your entire life story, Twitter can be an absolutely perfect choice of a social network for you.

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