Adding a Surround to Your Fireplace

The surround is an essential part of any great fireplace.  The right surround can leave your space looking fantastic.  There are a few things that you should consider before designing a surround, however, including whether you want to use the fireplace to burn or just as a decorative piece. This will make a difference in the materials and colors that you choose.

If you are using painted trim, the job can be as simple as removing existing tile or even adding your surround over the bricks or existing wall.  For a tile job, you will have a bit more work to do.  You will find that you need to smooth over the existing fireplace bricks with mortar until the surface is completely smooth. 


You will then want to use a piece of wood to create a temporary support ledge over the fireplace to hold your upper tiles.  Lay the upper portion of the surround, then start tiling the legs.  You will likely find that you need to cut tiles to get them lined up perfectly.

Once the fireplace tiles are in place, you will want to grout them.  This will help keep them in place and will fill in the gaps between them so that they do not allow moisture or soot to get into your walls. 


When all of this is done and the tiles have been cleaned, you will be able to step back and admire your work.  A fireplace surround can be incredibly beautiful, and putting one in is not as hard as you might think.

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