Are Your Household Cleaning Supplies Toxic?

Inhaling toxic fumes from common cleaning supplies can negatively affect your health.  The continued use of lethal home products can lead to serious medical conditions that may be permanent in nature.

You may be currently using several common household products that could be replaced for a less dangerous option:

  • One of the most caustic cleaning supplies that you may have under your sink is a drain-opening product.  It is designed to heat up and break down hair, dirt and grime that have become lodged within your drainpipe, and poses maximum risk during inhalation and swallowing. 
  • Toilet bowl cleaning supplies are also harmful.  Even though they are made to break down hard water stains and buildup, the fumes can be quite toxic. 
  • In many cases, mixing up cleaning supplies together can also pose a deadly risk to you and your family.  While it may seem like a good idea to mix cleaners together, it can create a poisonous concoction.

When you introduce toxic cleaning supplies into your home, you are putting your family at risk.  The harsh chemicals that are in these products can create various health problems, such as:

  • burns
  • respiratory problems
  • potential loss of eyesight

Having the right information about cleaning supplies allows you to make an educated decision about the types of products that you should be using in your home.  With the availability of green cleaning supplies and homemade recipes, you should consider incorporating safer alternatives.  

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