Fun Halloween Decorations Kids Can Craft

Kids of all ages enjoy making their own fun Halloween decorations. The following three Halloween decorations kids can craft require easy to find materials and simple instructions.

Egg Carton Bats

To make cute bat Halloween decorations, you will need an egg carton, string, scissors and paint or markers. Wiggle eyes are optional. Start by separating 3 connected cups from the egg carton. To create the wings, cut a half-circle shape from the bottom on the front and back of each of the outer two egg cup sections. To complete the bat Halloween Decorations, start by painting them black or brown, or simply decorate with markers. Glue on wiggle eyes or draw faces. Cut or use a ball point pen to poke one small hole in the top center egg cup of each bat. Insert string and knot to hang the bat, or use fishing line for a spookier effect. 

Ghost Necklaces or Hanging Halloween Decorations

Start making these Halloween decorations by laying out a sheet of waxed paper. Next, spread a blob of white glue onto the paper and form into the shape of a ghost. Place a small paper clip into each of the blobs and cover with glue, leaving the top loop of the paper clips out to make hangers for the Halloween decorations. The glue shouldn’t be too thick, but it should cover the paper clip nicely. You can place wiggle eyes in the glue or draw them on afterward. The glue will dry in a few days, and you can remove the Halloween decorations easily from the wax paper. String into a necklace with cord or yarn, or use as hanging Halloween decorations.


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