How to Clean Pearl Jewelry

Do you have a beautiful pair of pearl earrings that your husband or mother gave you for a special occasion?  Do you have a necklace made of pearls that you absolutely treasure?  Caring for your pearls is absolutely essential, and you will find that they need to be cleaned properly.  Here is how to keep your pearls in the best possible shape.

When caring for pearls, it is important that you keep them in a separate container from other jewelry.  Pearl is an incredibly delicate organic substance, and you will find that other items can easily scratch them.  A velvet or silk pouch or jewelry box is a great choice.  You will also find that you need to ensure that the strand holding them together is not fraying.  Most people visit a custom jewelry shop to have them individually knotted and restrung every couple of years to keep them safe.

When it comes to cleaning your pearls, always use a soft and lint free cloth to clean them when you take them off, as this will remove skin oils from them.  Don’t spray perfumes or other products onto your skin while wearing them, and if you find that they are no longer lustrous, use a soft cloth with a dab of olive oil to wipe them.  Allow them to dry flat before putting them back into a jewelry box or pouch.

With the proper care, your pearls will last long enough to be passed through many generations.  Following these steps and tips is the best way to keep your pearls looking fantastic.

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