How To Decorate The Perfect Guest Room

When you are looking to create a good guest room within your home, it can be hard to know how to decorate it perfectly.  After all, you want a room that is reflective of your home decorating style, but that will appeal to guests and help them feel at ease within your home.  Today we will take a look at just how you can create a guest room that is sure to impress.


The first tip, and perhaps the most important, is to ensure that the bed is your biggest splurge.  Remember that while décor is important, the comfort of your guests is crucial.  Your guest room should have comfortable bedding, even if it is just a quality air mattress.  You don’t want your guest to get cold when sleeping, so even if the night is warm, be sure to provide extra blankets stored in a visible place so they can add blankets if they feel cold.  It’s better to have too many blankets than too few!


Ideally, your guest room should be rather simple, but functional.  Think of a hotel room – you don’t need a lot of furniture to feel at home, and a simple room is always more visually impressive than a cluttered one.  A dresser for clothing, a place to sit a suitcase, and a place to sit are all essential. 


In terms of decorating, you will find that calming colors such as pastels or earthy tones can be perfect to create a feeling of relaxation in your guests.  Whoever stays in the guest room, it is important to remember that they are likely new to the space and that sleep will be more difficult.  A room that is well lit during the day but that provides a calming and restful atmosphere at night will be well appreciated.  Make sure the door shuts properly and can be locked from the inside, so your guest can feel secure when they are dressing or undressing.


Number one tip for your guest room – be sure to always wash all sheets on the bed in your guest room after each stay, even if your guest has only stayed one night. This might feel wasteful and you may be tempted to skip this step, but there’s nothing worse than staying as a guest at someone’s house and finding an article of forgotten clothing in the bed, left behind by a previous guest, or hair on the pillow!  For this same reason, be sure to starch and bleach your white sheets so they look crisp and fresh.  Dingy, grayish or stained sheets will be the first sign to your guest that your guest-room’s hygiene has been over-looked.


If your guest-room has an en-suite bathroom, be sure to put a few small bottles of lotion, shampoo and conditioner, and fresh towels in there before they arrive.  They may not need them but they’ll appreciate them if they have been caught short and have forgotten their own.  It goes without saying to check there is a roll of toilet paper left. Add an extra roll to be safe.  A sure-fire way to embarrass a guest is to force them to ask you for extra toilet-roll! 


Your guest room should be a place of solace to your guest, but you are also free to make it your own.  After all, it is a part of your home that will be there even when nobody is staying in it.  Don’t hesitate to add a few personal photos or some favorite wall decorations.  With the right décor, your guest room will be inviting and cozy for your company, whoever they may be.

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