How to Silence Noisy Pipes Without Calling in the Plumber
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If you have noisy plumbing, it can be a real hassle to deal with.  Groaning and clanking in the middle of the night can make it hard for anyone to sleep, and noisy pipes can frighten small children and pets alike.  If your plumbing is making more noise than you’d like, here’s what you can do to help restore the sound of silence in your home.

The most common source of plumbing noises is defective washers and valves.  If the noise happens after you turn off the sink tap, for example, you might find that the faucet handle has a faulty or damaged washer.  Removing the handle and changing the washer is all that it takes to stop the noise.  Check the washers in all of your faucets and taps until the problem is resolved.

Another common reason for noisy plumbing is kitchen pipes that rattle.  Simply tying the pipes down firmly can be all that it takes to solve this plumbing frustration.  If a lack of air in the pipes is the problem, you will find that shutting off water to the pipe in question, draining it, and closing it back up works to silence it.  This should let enough air into the plumbing to cushion the sudden flow stoppage so that your pipes no longer make noise.

Finding the right solution to your plumbing noises can take a little bit of trial and error, but it usually doesn’t require a plumber.  With some rubber washers, kitchen string, and a bit of patience, your plumbing can be quiet once again.

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