How to Stop Your Cat From Meowing at Night

If you are one of the many cat owners who has a talkative pet, it’s easy to become frustrated.  Many cats develop a habit of meowing whenever they want something.  This is especially frustrating when the behavior takes place at night.

If you want your cat to stop meowing at night, there are a few easy tips to follow.  One of the best tips is to have your cat spayed or neutered, if they haven’t been.  When your cat is in heat or looking to mate, it will certainly meow no matter what the hour may be.

If your cat is fixed and still meows through the night, you may need to consider whether your behavior is playing a role.  If you tend to pet your cat when it meows or even if you scold it, you are only making the problem worse.  Remember that both positive and negative attention when your cat is meowing is still seen as a reward.  Instead, only offer attention when your pet is quiet.

Last, consider the use of a water bottle or squirt gun.  Every owner knows that cats don’t like to be wet.  Using a water bottle to spray your cat whenever it is meowing is a safe and easy way to discourage the behavior.  If your cat equates meowing with getting wet, it will be much less likely to make sounds throughout the night, ensuring that you can finally get some rest, and that your cat does not annoy your neighbors, as well.

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