How to Teach Your Child to Wash Their Hands

Teaching children manners and cleanliness is one of the most important things you can do as a parent. When you teach your children cleanliness, they will have much better habits as they grow older.

One of the best ways for teaching your children cleanliness for a relatively small price is by purchasing a small step stool from your local hardware store. A small stool makes it much easier for your children to reach the sink. The reason that many children do not practice good cleanliness habits is simply because they are not able to reach sinks that are designed for adults. A small inexpensive stool solves this problem.

Another good tip to remember is to ask your children for help with tasks that involve getting their hands wet. This is a sneaky way of getting them in a place where you can show them how to clean and dry their hands without preaching to them. Most children enjoy feeling helpful and as though they are contributing something with the rest of the family. They can help with small tasks such as washing fruit and vegetables, and even washing some dishes with supervision. When they’re done, show them how to use the hand soap and how to wash and dry their hands properly.

Teaching your children about cleanliness makes it much easier for them to develop good habits later on. With these tips, you’ll make learning this important skill easy for your children.

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