Quickest and Cheapest Ways to Clean Your Windows

Windows can be cleaned quickly and easily, and you don’t have to buy any professional cleaning products to do a good job. In fact, some basic products for cleaning windows that you can pick up at any grocery store offer excellent results. Remember to buy window-specific cleaners, however, as other types of cleaners will streak the surface and may cause permanent deposits.


From the outside, if they are particularly dirty, start by hosing your windows off. You can buy commercial products that attach to your hose and that dispense a bit of cleaner with the water. This prevents the water from streaking and staining. This is the best way to get large exterior windows. In areas where poisonous spiders and other pests are threats, you can remove them from windows with your hose rather than using your hands first. If you have hard water stains on your exterior window, check your hardware store for a product that will allow you to spray them off. If you have windows that open up by pushing one set of panes behind the other, you’ll have to use an extension device with a scrubber to get the lower panes.


For the interior windows, you can simply use commercial glass cleaner such as Windex and paper towels. If you want to save money, most windows can be cleaned effectively by cutting the commercial cleaner with one-third water, or by using warm water with a dash of white vinegar.


You can also use newspapers instead of paper towels to scrub the windows. This can make it much cheaper. You’ll find that the newspaper does an incredible job once it is very slightly moist – remember to wear gloves to protect your hands from the newsprint.


Remember that streaks can usually be buffed out using a dry paper towel or with a crumpled up piece of newspaper. The very cheapest way to buff windows is to use microfiber clothes which are commonly sold in bundles to clean your car. You can wash them and use them again, making them a great investment for years of streak-free shine on your windows.

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