Review: How Well Does the FlavorWave Oven Turbo Work?

Spending less time during meal preparation and providing healthier cooking is the goal of quite a few products to hit kitchenware stores in recent years.  The FlavorWave Oven Turbo is one of those items, but before buying it, it’s best to know what others have experienced.

The FlavorWave receives decent reviews from most people, although many find that the machine is a bit bulky, but that is already apparent from the commercials for the FlavorWave.  Most people also find that the FlavorWave is capable of reducing cooking times, just as the commercials promise.

However, some owners of the FlavorWave are not prepared to have to flip their meats halfway through the cooking process.  According to the instruction manual, this is important to ensure that meats are cooked all the way through.  Another consideration with the FlavorWave is that the included guide is not really very comprehensive when it comes to providing cooking times, so you will have to experiment to get the best results.

Finally, a few consumers have experienced problems with their FlavorWave oven.  One issue seems to be the fan motor making a loud noise during operation.  Generally, this requires replacement of the unit from the manufacturer.  The only other problem seems to be that a few features are not included (like an extender ring), and you will have to pay extra to use these on your FlavorWave oven.

Overall, the oven receives good scores when compared to other products on the market, and represents a good buy.

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