Space Saver Tips: How to Save Space in Your Bathroom

To save space in the bathroom, you need to be creative with what you have.  Here are some tips to keep everything is in its place, and your bathroom looking organized. 

Over-the-Toilet Rack
One area of your bathroom that is not used to its maximum potential is the area above the toilet.  You may have a picture that is hanging in this area, but you should consider purchasing an over-the-toilet rack.  This fixture is a great way to save space in your bathroom because it can store your linens, bathing supplies and more.

Shampoo Station
Another trick that will save space in your bathroom is to use a shampoo station.  These can be purchased very cheaply at a variety of home stores. These hang on the shower head or they can be affixed to the wall.  The benefit of these stations is that they allow you to remove shampoo and conditioner bottles from the tub sides, making your weekly cleaning easier.  In addition, you can also hang additional items on the stations that will make bathing easier.

Hanging Magazine Rack
A hanging magazine rack will allow you to move disorganized reading materials from the floor and onto a shelf that is neatly positioned on the wall.  This rack will save space because it can hang anywhere in the bathroom and not take up floor space.

Utilize Door Hooks

You can use door-mounted hooks to hang your dressing gown, discarded clothes and even your hairbrushes. You can buy hooks that screw straight to the door from any hardware store, or buy a set of hooks on a rail that slips easily over the top of your door, without the need for nails and screws.

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