Hottest New Gadgets at the International Consumer Electronics Show This Year

The International Consumer Electronics Show is heaven for the gadget lover, and this year was no different.  At the show, people were able to see a sampling of some of the top gadgets that are going to be very popular in electronics stores worldwide over the coming year.  Take a look at some of the hottest electronics that are coming out soon.


iPad Tablet Update


Perhaps the most popular gadget that will be coming into prominence this year is the tablet.  The iPad is probably the most well-known of the tablets that are currently on the market, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Close to 80 new tablets are coming out soon, including the Samsung Galaxy.  While some of these will fade into obscurity before gaining a foothold, it is a very exciting time for the gadget aficionado.

iPhone Coming Soon to Verizon


Phones are another hot gadget this year.  Though the Windows 7 phone came out in 2010, new models are expected.  The Android phone market is poised to grow as well.  There is also some interesting news with the iPhone, which is going to be coming to Verizon, possibly before the end of January.


Cloud Gaming Gains Status


Cloud gaming, while not a true gadget, is likely to become popular.  Instead of installing the games on your hard drive, you would play them through the web, where they are hosted on servers.  You would have access to games just as you have access to movies and TV shows through Hulu or Netflix movie rentals today.


E-Reader Price Drop


Another gadget that is sure to grow in popularity is the e-reader.  With the Kindle and the Nook vying for popularity, you can expect to see prices drop before too long.

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