How to Choose Educational Electronic Toys
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Although many parents feel that traditional toys are the most educational for their children, computers and electronics have become such a huge part of the modern world that giving your child electronic toys may actually help better prepare them for the wold they’re about to enter than traditional toys.  Most jobs your little one will later grow up to do will involve computers at some point, so the earlier they learn to use one, the better.

When it comes to beginner computer games, the Nintendo DS is one of the most popular child gadgets out there.  These portable gaming devices can be bought at any electronics store, and let your child play anywhere, preventing boredom and teaching them basic logic skills such as planning ahead, spatial awareness and strategy planning.

The WikiReader is a great option for stimulating their mind. It’s a portable encyclopedia that puts a world of information at their fingertips.  Great to entertain an inquisitive reader on a long car trip!


The LeapFrog Text & Learn is another one of the popular electronic gadgets from the LeapFrog series.  This one is modeled after a PDA and is ideal for kids aged three and up to learn the alphabet and the basics of using a cellphone.

If your little one is a budding film-maker and loves movies, the In-Scene Disney Princess Video Camera is a must have.  Your child can shoot his or her own movies and edit them right on your computer.  This early-learning gadget encourages creativity and is fun for the whole family.


For the young animal lover, the I-Dog Soft Speaker is one electronic gadget to look into. Your child can enjoy their favorite music played through this adorable plush speaker.

Finally, the Prime-8 Robot is one of the best electronic toys at the toy store.  This robot with an attitude is fun to interact with, allowing your children to play games with it and enjoy its AI reactions. Fun for all the family!

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