How To Grocery Shop For Picky Children
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Grocery shopping for picky children can be tough for parents. When fussy kids refuse foods and drinks that are healthy and nutritious, buying them feels like a waste of time and money.

The best solution for parents with picky children is to involve them in grocery shopping for wholesome foods in ways they’ll find fun and interesting. Think outside the box when it comes to food shopping for picky children – especially the “big box” retail food stores.

Take picky children to farmers’ markets, fruit and vegetable stands, and butchers or seafood shops. Encourage them to pick out their favorite fresh vegetables, fruits and snacks. Make it a game and bet them a dollar that they can’t find one new fruit they’ve never tried before that they’ll enjoy – then encourage them to try all the free samples which are usually readily available. You can let picky children be picky if you’re shopping in the right place! Without the distraction of junk food and unhealthy food options, most picky children will find new wholesome favorites such as tree-ripened peaches or apricots which they would normally overlook.

When fussy kids can’t seem to find any fruits or vegetables they like, suggest ways you can prepare foods together to create meals, snacks or desserts they’ll enjoy. Apples can be shredded and added to pancakes; berries can top off yogurt or sorbet; trail mix or shelled nuts can be put in brightly colored mini-Tupperware and added to school lunches. Help picky children understand how shopping for healthy, wholesome foods leads to tasty meals.

Picky children may always be fussy eaters, but you can help them discover and learn to enjoy nutritious foods they do like instead of holding out for familiar, unhealthy food choices. On the way home from shopping, let hungry kids enjoy a few fresh berries, an apple or a spoonful of freshly made strawberry jam which they picked out while shopping. Reward their healthy food choices by letting picky children indulge right away.

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