How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Gift For a Groom

Choosing a wedding gift for a bride can be pretty easy. Newly married couples need everything from towels to sheets to kitchen essentials to set up a home, and the pressure is traditionally on the new wife to purchase these items, so she may be glad of them as a gift. Most guys, though, are harder to find a wedding gift for. If you want to get a wedding gift specifically for the new husband, what should you choose?

As always, before you buy the happy couple anything, check out the couple’s gift registry. Maybe the groom has already registered for some cool items that he would like, such as tools, electronics, or even ‘guy furniture’ such as barbecue grills. Depending on your wedding gift budget, you may be able to just snag something off the registry and make a new husband a very happy man.

Maybe the groom didn’t register much for himself, and all you can find on the registry is lace doilies and plate sets. If this is the case, you’ll have to be more creative in finding a wedding gift for him. You could do something as simple as creating a gift pack of several different types of his favorite beer or wine. Most guys would love to be able to pop open a bottle as soon as they set up house with their new brides.

Another option is to try to figure out what wedding gift will fill a need for this guy. Maybe he and his bride love watching live comedy shows, but have been a little broke recently what with saving up for the wedding. Get them a season DVD of their favorite funny TV show for a fun personalized gift.


Or maybe the groom’s antiquated VHS or DVD player have been the butt of your jokes for years – in which case, visit a budget electronics store and splash out on the latest Blu-Ray player and his top 3 movies in the new format. Watching movies can be a relaxing way for a new couple to spend evenings together.

Whatever you do, just make sure your wedding gift is thoughtful and suited for the groom you’re buying for, and it will be a sure hit.

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