How to Share Books With Your Friends on a Kindle

While a 14-day lending feature is being developed for the Amazon Kindle, there are already a couple of ways for users to share their digital library of books with family members or friends. 


For people who share multiple Kindle devices on a single family account, sharing can be done by simply downloading the book on each device that you would like it to be read on.  For those looking to share with people not on the same account, it is a bit more complicated.

Essentially, in order to share books before the lending feature becomes available, you will need to de-register the device that you want to put the book on.  You can then put the Kindle on the same account that the books are on and download them, then de-register and put it back in the original owner’s name. 


It is a bit time consuming, but it does allow you to share books with friends.  Thankfully, however, Kindle users won’t have to go to this much trouble for long.

The sharing feature has been added to the Kindle after strong demand and stronger competition.  The Nook from Barnes and Noble is a leading contender in the eReader market and has offered this sharing feature right out of the box. 


Amazon, looking to win back users and to sway those on the fence, is now working hard to implement the feature, which is expected to be released to the public sometime in the next few years.

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