Is the Shark EZ Steam Mop Really All it’s Cracked Up to Be?

Cleaning and caring for your floors properly can be a time consuming job, particularly if you are using a traditional mop.  Even then, getting up stains and grime can require a great deal of elbow wax.  However, there are some pretty innovative home improvement products on the market today that promise to cut that cleaning time by a considerable amount.  One of these is the Shark Steam Mop.  Is it really worth your time and money?


The Shark Steam Mop is a new type of mop that uses steam to help clean your floors – heated steam cuts through dirt better than plain water, and it also kills bacteria too, so this is a good option for those seeking a way to clean their floors without having to resort to harsh chemicals.


Most people who tried the Shark Steam Mop found that putting it together was a very simple process, usually taking about two minutes.  Filling the mop with water and heating it up were also simple.  Using the Shark Steam Mop was also easy, though some people find that pushing it across the floor is a bit harder than with a regular mop due to the extra weight.


One common complaint is about the handle on the Shark Steam Mop.  It seems that the handle is a bit flimsy, and will eventually crack through normal use.  However, not all customers have reported this issue, so it may be a case of just too much force being applied to the mop by more enthusiastic users.


All in all, the Shark Steam Mop works as advertised, is a great cleaning product, and will get floors both clean and sanitized. You can pick one up online or from your local home improvement store.

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