Natural Alternatives to Air Freshener

Are you looking for great alternatives to using spray air freshener in your home? Spray air freshener has been linked to a number of health issues, such as asthma in children, allergies and even cancer.  Here are some excellent natural solutions for you.  

Essential Oil
Essential oils are essentially highly condensed plant oils and a natural air freshener.  A few drops put into an oil burner can be enough to keep your home smelling great all day.  There are many different scent combination, so finding the perfect aroma for your home is never difficult.

Carpet Powder
If you are going to vacuum, sprinkling a carpet powder first can be a great way to freshen the scent in your room.  The powder is easily vacuumed up, but the process will create a pleasing aroma that can last for days.

Fabric Refresher

If you are looking to eliminate odors without creating new ones with an air freshener, you may want to consider a fabric refresher spray.  These odor neutralizers are a great way to eliminate the smell of pets and smoke without leaving the room with a heavy scent afterward.

Scented Candles
Scented candles are great because they both look and smell wonderful.  A room filled with lit candles is incredibly relaxing, and with so many different scents available, it’s easy to create the aroma that you are looking for without the need to use air freshener.

When you want a better way to make your home smell nice than using an air freshener, consider these four great ideas.

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