Review: BareLifts. Do These Work to Enhance Your Bust?

BareLifts are designed to be worn inside the bra or without a bra, and the sales pitch is that it improves your bust.  But is this true or not?


The improvement with BareLifts isn’t quite the same as is promised with water bras or other products that enhance the fullness of the bust.  BareLifts are designed to offer a perkier, more youthful look, which is achieved by pushing the bust upwards, from underneath. 


As is the case with most products, you’ll have to take your own body into account when you’re assessing whether or not BareLifts will work for you.  Current product reviews point out that not all women will get the same results with BareLifts.  For instance, if you have a large cup size, you won’t be likely to get the same amount of lift from the product due to that, um, little thing called gravity.


If you’re using BareLifts to offset the effects of being overweight, you may also be disappointed with how little improvement you get (according to online reviews).  Although the product can provide some good enhancement, smaller-sized women will be at an advantage when it comes to getting the most out of this product.


On the plus side, BareLifts is a very easy product to use and the price is low, which makes it worth a try to many people.  You’ll have to have realistic expectations when you’re using BareLifts, however.  If you have a fuller bust, BareLifts may not be able to provide a lot of lift.  The low price of the product, however, means that there isn’t a significant investment involved in trying them out and they may provide exactly what some women are looking for in terms of changing their appearance. 


You can get BustLifts online through their website, or at select hosiery stores.

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