Review: Can the EZ Smoker Help You Quit Smoking?

Every day, millions of smokers are trying to quit smoking, and they are willing to do just about anything to stop.  The traditional methods of quitting haven’t worked for many of them, so they are turning to electronic cigarettes as a means of quitting.  Electronic cigarettes look and feel like a real cigarette with real smoke, but instead only offer a burst of nicotine-flavored mist that does not contain the harmful chemicals in real cigarette smoke.


But do these products work?  The verdict is currently out, with no long-term data to prove these devices are better for you than just smoking a normal cigarette.  Some doctors claim that the device merely perpetuates the user’s nicotine addiction, and even puts users at risk of nicotine poisoning if used in excess.


Decide what you will, but e-cigarettes are here to stay.  One of the brands that you might find when you are on your search for an e-cigarette is the EZ Smoker.  You need to think twice before you order the EZ Smoker product though.


The most disturbing thing about the EZ Smoker is the allegedly unethical practices of the company that many people claim have ripped them off.  The company offers a “cheap” electronic cigarette, the EZ Smoker, which costs only a small charge for handling.  It sounds like a good deal, and many people have bought the product through the company.


However, the actions of the company after people have given them their credit card numbers are unconscionable.  There are claims that they often bill customer’s credit cards with fraudulent charges.  This has happened to countless people judging by the number of websites devoted to this scam deal, and when you try to find reviews of the actual product, the only thing you are going to find is people who are furious because the EZ Smoker billing department ripped them off.


Other electronic cigarettes have given hope to those who want to quit smoking.  Quite a few of them have wonderful reviews from customers who have been able to cut down and even stop smoking traditional cigarettes.  You should find one of these devices and stay as far away as possible from the EZ Smoker if you want to keep your credit card details safe. 


Contact your bank as soon as possible if you believe you have been overcharged by any company.

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