Review: the Latest Jane Fonda Senior Exercise DVD Set
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Jane Fonda has been synonymous with exercise and getting fit since the original Jane Fonda workout series was introduced (on VHS) in 1982.  She has always been an exercise guru and personal trainer as well as a tremendously talented actress, and with her new videos, “Jane Fonda: Prime Time Walkout” and "Jane Fonda: Prime Time Fit & Strong,” she returns to what she loves to do.

Both of these exercise tapes are aimed at senior citizens, which makes sense given that, despite her appearance, Jane Fonda is now 72 years old.  These programs are designed to help seniors become more physically active, which is essential to good health, and they are designed to be safe and effective even for people who have never exercised before.

Both videos are aimed at seniors, but Jane Fonda wants people to know that anyone can achieve better fitness by using them.  In a generation where more people than ever admit that they get little to no exercise on a daily basis, these videos might well prove to be a great starting point.  Doctors are quick to tell us how much benefit there is to be gained from a great workout, and Jane Fonda is certainly a trusted name in the fitness industry.

From baby boomers to Fonda fanatics and exercise novices, these two DVD choices are certainly great exercise options for almost anyone in need of a little more fitness in their lives.

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