Review: the Living Well Pressure Cooker From Montel Williams

People are always trying to find faster and better ways to cook their meals.  One of the latest gadgets to hit the market is the Living Well Pressure Cooker from Montel Williams. 


The six-quart Living Well Pressure Cooker is supposed to infuse flavors into the meals you cook, and claims it can shorten cooking times.  It is dishwasher safe and has a keep-warm function.  The Living Well Pressure Cooker seems to be a dream product for anyone who doesn’t have time to cook. However, online reviews don’t live up to the hype.


One of the most common complaints about the Living Well Pressure Cooker is the lid.  It seems that if the lid doesn’t close properly and tightly, the device will not build up enough pressure to do its job.  Many people appear to have received a defective product, which they have had to return due to this common defect.


Others who have used the product claim that it works, but that it doesn’t do quite as good of a job on the food as a regular cooker.  Food is described as bland and a little soggy, but this may be due to the talent of the cook preparing the food, rather than the actual pressure cooker itself.


As with all products, whether you see them on infomercials or at your local electronics store, make sure that you do the research and follow the instructions properly when using.  If you find that you receive a Living Well Pressure Cooker that doesn’t work, send it back and have them replace it.

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