What Are the Best LCD Displays For Modern Home Theaters?

Isn’t it about time you watched movies the way they were meant to be seen?  If you want to see your favorite films in true color and crisp detail, then start thinking about getting an LCD TV.  LCD stands for Liquid-Crystal Display.  LCD TVs are much smaller than regular CRT TVs (that big boxy thing your Grandma had).  More importantly, these new TVs offer superior resolution, clearer pictures, smoother moving images and all sorts of interactive features.   


LCD electronics produce an image with black and extra colors by way of filtering a white light.  This is made possible by cold cathode fluorescent lamps.  The electronics TV contains millions of LCD shutters, which are arranged in a grid.  These tiny pixels are small but blend together in order to produce far more radiant and realistic colors.


Some of the best quality LCD electronics have large widescreen displays and can reach higher resolutions of 720p to 1080p, which is true HD.  This makes ordinary DVDs look great and Blu-Ray discs (and HDTV shows) look even better.  LCD electronics are also the preferred choice for gaming system addicts as they provide smooth motion and superior detail.


Back in the year 2007, LCD electronics finally surpassed the sales of CRT TVs worldwide.  This is due not only to public awareness of HD TVs, but also to lowered prices of major models.  LCD electronics also outsell plasma TVs and rear-projection TVs.  Vizio is currently the top selling LCD electronics company in North America.  The company offers Internet-ready packages, virtual surround sound and multimedia support that puts ‘regular’ TVs in the shade.  


One of the most fascinating aspects of LCD electronics is the ability to watch older movies in newer HD quality.  LCD TVs are more affordable than ever before and bring the movies home to you in a way you’ve never seen them before! So what are you waiting for? Upgrade today, and enjoy your favorite movies the way they were meant to be seen.

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