What Comes Next For Bestselling Author Dan Brown?

Dan Brown turned the reading world on its head with his bestselling books, Angels & Demons and The Da Vinci Code.  His previous works including Deception Point and Digital Fortress didn’t garner Dan Brown the same attention that these thrillers with religious and historical clues did.  The fervor that rose over the books actually brought Dan Brown even more attention and helped him sell even more books; all while creating controversy and having the book denounced by select organizations in the church and the museum industry. 


Dan Brown is a man who on the surface appears to write for entertainment rather than educational purposes.  While his books may include elements from history, Dan Brown has never pretended to teach with his books.  For this reason, the uproar created by The Da Vinci Code did not at all affect his determination to keep writing and releasing more books.  His latest, The Lost Symbol, follows the same well-worn formula as his previous books and even includes the same hero, Robert Langdon.


Research completed by Dan Brown for his books is meticulous, though he may change historical facts and figures to fit his vision for the story.  It is this type of artistic license that has drawn criticism from organizations and even other authors.  If Dan Brown did not let the public outcry over The Da Vinci Code discourage him from writing, then you can bet that he has plenty more plots and characters up his sleeve.  Dan Brown has made it well-known that he will continue to publish new novels for years to come, as long as readers enjoy the journey that he sets before them. 


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