Will Galaxy Tab or iPad Win the Technology Battle?

If you are looking for the best technology gadgets on the market, it can be hard to keep up.  Worse, when new contenders come onto the scene, it can be hard to know if they will really be the best in show for years to come, or if they are destined for a future in the technological bargain bin. 


Let’s compare two technology gadgets with a world of promise: the Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

To start with, these two tablet PCs operate with similar technology, but different operating systems.  They offer the same processor speeds, but the Galaxy Tab offers twice the RAM as well as the ability to hold up to 32 gigs of expandable storage, while the iPad has only its internal storage to offer.  The Galaxy Tab has significantly shorter battery life, but offers two cameras, one facing each way, while the iPad has none.

The real difference between the two is the operating system.  The Galaxy Tab makes great use of its technology because it operates on the Android system.  That means that the Galaxy Tab can use Flash, multitask, and best of all, access the nearly infinite content on the Android Market.  While the Apple Store is famous for banning even seemingly innocuous material, the Android Market offers virtually anything you can imagine, making it the preferred technology for many.

As to which technology will sell better, only time will tell.  While the iPad may currently rule the PC tablet market, this rule may indeed be short-lived.  Unless Apple comes up with new features that can compete with what Samsung is offering, the tablet market may soon find itself with a new technology leader.

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