Winter Fashion and the Colors of the Season

When you work hard to be fashionable, it helps to know which colors, styles, and patterns are in season each year.  Winter fashion has always been a hard thing to keep up with, so let’s look at this year’s winter colors. 

Darker colors have always been the “it” colors during winter fashion season.  Maybe it is because of all of the snow and the desire to create contrast, or maybe it is because the gloomy feeling of a cold day just brings out that darker side in all of us.  At any rate, the autumnal red, brown, and black are traditional winter fashion colors and that certainly remains true this year.  Solids are very popular in these colors, and furs such as furry hoods and fur-lined jackets (all made with fake fur, of course) fulfill both fashion and function by keeping you warm.

In terms of winter fashion, the best thing you can do this year is to pair solid clothing with attractive accessories.  From fabulous boots and leggings to patterned ear warmers and scarves, a pattern on your accessories against the solid backdrop of your clothes provides a surprisingly bold fashion statement.  When you need the best winter fashion choices this year, think simple when it comes to the big things.  You will find that it is the best way to make a statement without the need to go over the top or to spend more than necessary. 

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