10 Reasons Chihuahuas Are the Best Dogs to Pet

Animals are the perfect stress relievers and have been companions of humans since the beginning of the time. Though they are not gifted with the ability to communicate with words, there is no mood, no instruction, and absolutely no feeling that they cannot sense and understand. Apart from human interaction, having relationships with animals has proven to be beneficial in many ways. Pets are playful, interactive and also teach you to be responsible. Dogs are the most loyal and human-friendly creatures, and people have been petting them since a long time (as per common belief of the dog lovers, you can try arguing with them, but you can’t convince them otherwise). Apart from being a man’s friend, they also keep your house secure and create a positive vibe. Dogs are as intelligent as humans and can be easily trained. They come in varied sizes, breeds and each has its own specialty. The large dog breeds are Doberman, Rottweiler and if you are looking for tiny dogs, then Pomeranian, beagle, pug, and Chihuahua dogs. If you are looking for tiny dogs that you can easily accommodate in your house, then the Chihuahua dogs are the most demanded ones and would be the best for people who want low maintenance and the kind of pet which can be easily monitored.

The most adorable, tiny and peculiar breed is known to be the Chihuahua dogs. They do not grow after a certain length (which makes them even cuter) and have around seven furs and coat types which include short coat double, short coat single, long coat double, long coat single, etc.

Here are ten reasons as to why Chihuahua dogs are the absolute best!

  • Chihuahua dogs are tiny and hence do not take up much space, so if you live in a small apartment, you won’t have to worry about the space they would take up after growing. An additional benefit is that you won’t have to build a big house to accommodate them, as these tiny creatures take up the least amount of space for themselves.
  • Chihuahua dogs are social animals and if trained well enough, they behave well and understand what is being conveyed, just like a little child in the house would. However, breeding plays an important role here; if the genes are of an antisocial parent, then it would affect the personality of your dog.
  • They are the best when it comes to traveling. They can be great travel companions, in case traveling is on your schedule often. They do not create a fuss and don’t require any traveling essentials as such for comfortable traveling (except their favorite food of course).
  • They do not require regular exercise, and it is okay if you are unable to take them out for walks ever so often. But when you do, they can match up to your pace, and that makes it easier for you to take for walks. Unlike other dogs, Chihuahua dogs don’t necessarily have to be taken out for a run.
  • Chihuahua dogs are easier to clean if they roll themselves in mud while playing. They are tiny, so they do not defecate or urinate in great quantities, so it makes it easier for you to clean up after them. If trained properly, they do not create a mess around them while doing so which is the best as the people with bigger dogs face these kinds of problems.
  • They are entertaining and keep you pleased with their weird and unexplainable behavior. You will find them in weirdest places, doing things which make no sense and all you will think is that how adorably senseless they are.
  • People take their dogs out for competitions and mostly, Chihuahua dogs are seen participating. Colored pieces of clothes, props and other dress-up material look entirely cool and regal on them.
  • Dogs are known for their loyalty, and this breed is no exception. They are extremely loyal to their owners and often feel guilty if they disappoint their owners and try to make up in the cutest way possible.
  • If you are looking to start keeping dogs, then people generally recommend starting from Chihuahua dogs as they are the easiest breed to tame and to adjust with.
  • Lastly, there are varieties of Chihuahua dogs and shelter homes are full of them so instead of buying them, try and find them in local shelters around you and enjoy the time with your pet.

Now you know why most people go crazy for a Chihuahua and why you should also have them in your house. So go, search and have the best experience with these adorable dogs. Also, if any of your friends are looking to buy a dog, you have a list of reasons to encourage them to a get a Chihuahua.

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