Causes and remedies for tingling feet

Causes and remedies for tingling feet

Does it ever happen to you that you get a tingling or prickling sensation in your legs after crossing legs for too long? Or have you ever heard about severe pain and numbness in arms and feet by someone who is under the extreme stress of something like giving a really important exam or going through a job crisis? We often ignore such small things till the time it hinders our work continuously. You should not completely ignore these small things that occur in your body simply because they don’t cause you any major pain or difficulty.

Such tingling is generally of 3 types: episodic tingling, severe tingling, and chronic tingling. Pressure on nerves is caused by sitting in an uncomfortable position or serious factors as discussed further. It has various symptoms which are quite easy to catch pain, itching, and numbness. Many people are not able to understand the underlying causes and keep waiting till the condition gets severe. That is not healthy. It is always advisable to identify and control the underlying tingling feet causes so that it does not occur again in the future.

Tingling feet causes

Tingling feet causes are as follows:

  • Diabetic neuropathy: Tingling is many times the first symptom of diabetes in many people. Quite a lot of people with diabetes have damaged nerves which results in pressure on them while doing work. Generally, it starts from the feet and goes on to the legs, backhands and so on.
  • Traumatic injuries: When a certain part of a body comes under extreme stain due to physical activity or older injury, a severe pain shoots up through the nerve which may be episodic, i.e., happening after certain intervals of time. Extreme trauma is one of the tingling feet causes.
  • Vitamin deficiency: Tingling and numbness might incur due to deficiency of certain vitamins, especially vitamin B-12. It is accompanied by fatigue and headaches and many times difficult to diagnose by self. This is one of the most common deficiencies since it is not synthesized by the body and has to provide food.
  • Kidney failure: Diabetes and hypertension are diseases which attack the whole body. One of the prime targets is kidney and can lead to failure. Since tingling is one of the symptoms of diabetes, it can report the onset of failure well in advance. This is one of the main tingling feet causes.
  • Infections: Quite a lot of infections like HIV, AIDS, and leprosy can be the tingling feet causes of the inflammation of nerves. As a result, they might get swollen and put pressure on other nerves.
  • Autoimmune diseases: These diseases are the ones in which the body attacks itself. It is somewhat difficult to diagnose these kinds of diseases without checking family history and a number of blood tests. The treatment for different autoimmune diseases may vary.

Since tingling feet causes might be signs of serious chronic diseases, it is best to curb them as soon as possible to prevent the onset of the disease. Here are some of the remedies for the tingling feet:

  • Aerobic exercises: Exercises like running or Zumba burn calories and keeps diseases like diabetes at bay. If the problem of tingling persists, it is advisable to change the form of aerobic exercise to something which has a low impact on the feet.
  • Change of footwear: Wearing high heels or closed toe wedges may lead to pressure on the nerves of the feet and toes. Making a minimal change by investing in comfortable footwear can do wonders for temporary tingling. Constant wear of uncomfortable shoes can cause you a lot of harm than you can imagine. Hence, try wearing comfortable shoes when you have to stay outdoors for a long period of time.
  • Neuropathy exercises for the feet: As one of the primary reasons for tingling is diabetic neuropathy; there are certain exercises especially for the feet which help in better circulation of blood through the feet. It consists of a number of low impact exercises like walking, stationary cycling, and swimming.
  • Increase in vitamin B complex: Vitamin B complex, as stated above is one of the reasons for tingling. As a matter of fact, increasing Inositol, one of the B complex vitamins especially may have a considerable effect.
  • Changing sitting position: Uncomfortable positions is the common reason for pins and needles in legs. Instead of crossing legs, elevating legs or keep them on the floor together and significantly stops the tingling sensation.
  • Warm compress: This method can be used in case of injuries and inflammation of nerves. This allows the nerves to relax and tones down the pain. This reduces the pressure on nerves and reduces the tingling sensation.

Tingling sensation in feet is usually nothing serious. However, it is best to get in touch with a doctor to know more about it.

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