Does Detoxification Actually Work?

Detoxification is useless. What a way to start an article about detoxification, right?


Well, it’s true… to date there have been no scientific studies that back up the health claims of detoxification products. In fact, most detoxification products can actually harm your body by messing up your digestive system and metabolism.  However, there are certain kinds of detoxification that can help your health, and I’ll discuss those.

Detoxification Myth: Your Colon is Clogged up and You Need Detoxification

The Ancient Egyptians and Early Greeks believed that your colon was lined with undigested bits of food that harbored parasites and even plants, which resulted in sickness, even death.  They also believed in multiple Gods and slaved hundreds of years building giant brick triangles.  However, in the 90’s and even early 21st century, countless infomercials have used the same claims to sell detoxification products!  Would you buy a watch based on 14th-centuary science that says the sun revolves around the Earth?  Then don’t but these info-tarded products.

Your colon is not like your kitchen sink that needs to be cloroxed or pumped once in a while.  It is a living thing that usually does a great job itself.  Would you ever drain your bloodstream and pour in fresh blood?  Exactly!  Just because your digestive system has an opening doesn’t mean you need to flush it out through detoxification!

Your colon knows how to cleanse itself, so there is basically no need to interfere through drugs or enemas or witchcraft unless you are seriously ill; then leave it to the doctors.


Detoxification Truth: Your Intestines Can Use a little Help

Rather than cleansing our your colon and shocking your system by using a detoxification ritual, try helping it out little by little.  The best way for detoxification to work is gradually though proper nutrition.

Let’s understand what your intestines do exactly so we know how to take care of it.  Without reliving our biology classes, here’s a quick overview of your intestines. You have a small one and a large one.  The small one absorbs nutrients into your blood stream so that your cells can use them for energy and repair.  Your large intestine absorbs water and vitamins and expels waste.

Like everything in your body, your digestive tract is a complex and hard-working system.  You can take care of it with a few simple nutritional steps.  So, instead of looking for detoxification fads, learn treat your digestive system right by eating right.

Your colon is like a betta fish, it doesn’t need much to be happy, but when it doesn’t get the few essential things, it will bite!  And oh can it bite: constipation, diarrhea, even colon cancer to name a few.  Detoxification isn’t the way to go for a happy colon.

Here are the Things a Healthy Digestive Track Needs:

Water – lots of it! Water helps dissolve nutrients, flushes out waste, and helps keep things moving.

Whole Grains – Oatmeal, wild rice, quinoa, etc.

Fiber – You colon’s favorite. It gives your wastes a nice bulk and keeps harmful things like saturated fat and cholesterol from being absorbed.

So, next time your thinking about detoxification, understand that your digestive system is not like a set of rusty pipes.  It is made of living, functioning, and hard-working elements that require maintenance only through a simple, easy, healthy diet.

Skip the detoxification and head to your grocery store!


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