Does the Lap Band Work?

If you need to lose significant amounts of weight but find that exercise and dietary changes are not enough, you may have considered having a lap band put in surgically.  The lap band is an incredibly popular option right now due to heavy TV, billboard and magazine advertising, but many people find themselves wondering if it really works. 


Installed as a moderately involved stomach surgery under full general anesthesia, this medical device has proven to be an excellent treatment for certain individuals suffering from obesity, despite many side effects. As with any surgery, doctors advise that there are risks to your health and life, and it is important to understand them before considering the lap band.  Surgical risks are always higher in people who are obese, and these risks include heart problems, anesthesia complications, and problems healing. 

If diet and exercise don’t work for you, considering the lap band might be worthwhile.  Safer than gastric bypass, it allows you to shrink the amount of space in your stomach available for food and is completely reversible when you reach your target goals.


The lap band is certainly effective, but it is not for everyone.  Most doctors will only perform lap band surgery on individuals who are significantly obese and who have undergone serious attempts to lose weight with diet and exercise over a number of years or even decades.


 It is certainly a lot to think about, however, and you will want to look at all of your nonsurgical options first.  Obesity is certainly the cause of many health problems, and this surgery is an excellent way to help treat the problem when other solutions simply aren’t working for you.

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