How To Build Massive Biceps Industry Tips and Tricks

Do you fear wearing short sleeve shirts, or have to borrow your sister’s sweaters to keep warm because normal ones hang so low that the fabric touches the ground?  Do you raise your hand in class, but never get called because your teacher mistakes your arm for a pencil?  Have you spent countless hours trying to turn the knob on your front door to no avail because you just don’t have the power or the manliness to do so?


Well, read this article and before you know it, you will have the biceps of a champ!  Nothing screams masculinity more than bowling ball biceps. 18” guns are all the power you need in life – no need for a bulging wallet if you can strangle a lion with your bare hands.  Big biceps are the mark of manliness, the symbol of supremacy, the calling of courage.  Here’s how to get them.


Ingredients For Biceps:

There are three ingredients for building all muscles including biceps: nutrition, rest, weights.

Biceps Exercises:

The biggest mistake that people make when trying to build biceps is overtraining!  To get big biceps, you should only work them out once a week, and NO MORE!  People think the longer you work out, the bigger your muscles you will get.  This is far from the truth.  However, when you do work out your arms, you want to work them to failure.  Here is a good routine:
Standing Barbell Curl
One Arm Preacher Curl

Incline Dumbbell Curl
Hammer Curl
Do 3 sets of each, 8-12 reps, once a week.  This workout should be less than an hour long.  Rest 30 seconds between sets and 90 sections between exercises.  Make sure each set is done to muscle failure.

Biceps Rest:


To avoid overtraining, you need to rest.  Remember your muscles are torn in the gym and rebuilt stronger when sleeping.  So, your muscles grow outside of the gym, not in it.  Get plenty of rest.  You should ideally sleep at least 8 hours a day for maximum muscle growth, 10 if possible.  People are so tempted to work for fast results that they hit the gym every day.  Resist this temptation, get your rest, and watch your biceps grow past others. 
Resting your biceps includes knowing how to schedule your workouts.  If you are working out your back or shoulders, your biceps will be used too.  Try and split your bicep workouts with your shoulders/ back.  This means if you work out your biceps on Monday, do not work out your back or shoulders on Tuesday.  Try and keep them two days apart.  Wednesday or Thursday would be okay for back/ shoulder exercises.

Biceps Nutrition:


You can’t build a house without wood, and you can’t build muscle without food. If you want big biceps, then eat a high protein diet, and try to consume 500 extra calories per day.  This is essential.  You will NOT GROW YOUR BICEPS without eating more than you usually eat.  This is the easiest part to forget.  Eat 5-6 smaller meals a day.  Some great muscle-building foods include: lean meats (turkey, chicken), seafood, beans, dairy, soy products, eggs.
Try and restrict bad fats and carbohydrates.  However, it is better to eat a bad fatty meal than to skip a meal.  If you skip a meal you will not build any muscle at all.  If you have to go through a drive through because you are busy, you will be able to build the muscle (but you may get a bit of fat along with it, too).


Biceps Tips and Tricks:

One important aspect of building your arm muscles is your overall body composition.  If you have a small chest and small legs, it is hard to get big biceps.  How many people have you seen with gigantic biceps but no chest, stomach, or back?  Probably none, and if you have, they probably look a little ‘odd’.


Anyway, I’m not trying to make fun of disproportionate people, simply telling you that you will hit a plateau if you only focus on your arms.  You need to work out your entire body.  When you do this, your biceps will naturally get bigger.  Great exercises for this are shoulder/ back workouts like bench press, pull downs, and rows.
The best complete body exercise is squats. When you  squat, your whole body will bulk up, making it much easier to build biceps.


Summary – Three Rules To Big Biceps:

Remember: nutrition, rest, and weights.  Those are the three ingredients to growing big arms.  Do these and you are guaranteed to grow those guns within the year!


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