How to Soothe Your Child’s Sore Throat

A sore throat can feel like a huge issue for kids.  The scratchy, burning feeling is painful at any age, and a sore throat in children can create earaches or make it uncomfortable to breathe or swallow.  Finding relief is important when your little one has a sore throat, and today we will took at three tips for getting rid of the soreness.


Honey Tea
Tea and honey are both excellent for a child’s sore throat, and combining the two is an excellent idea.  Honey is very soothing and will coat the throat, while hot steamy tea opens up the nasal passages and can help stop dryness.  Be sure to test the tea before giving it to your child to prevent scalds.  Water hot tea down with cold water or an ice-cube to make it more comfortable for your child to drink.


Sore throat drops can be effective, but they often taste terrible.  Believe it or not, a simple piece of sugar-free hard candy or gum will produce extra saliva and will help keep your child’s throat problems at bay.  If their mouth is closed to suck the candy, they won;t breathe through their mouth and aggravate their sore throat.


Another excellent choice for a child’s sore throat is a Popsicle.  Sugar free, fruit flavored varieties are excellent, and the numbing action of the cold will help stop the pain and irritation in no time at all so that your child can be comfortable and happy again.  You can make them yourself in your freezer using simple frozen fruit juice or fruit puree in an ice lolly mold.


There are plenty of ways to treat a sore throat, but when you are looking to avoid medication or to find something that won’t interact with their current medicine, these three tips can be perfect.  We all want our little ones to feel better, and getting rid of a painful, swollen, and irritated throat can certainly keep your kids happier during a cold or flu – which will make you happy, too.

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