Most Effective Natural Remedies For Teething Children

Teething is a painful, frustrating process for parents and children alike.  There can seem to be little you can do to help your little one.  However, there are natural remedies for teething babies that can help keep your children happier and in less pain.


One of the best options out there is to freeze a banana and then let your little one gnaw on it to relieve the pain and swelling of teething.  This will also give him or her a healthy, sweet treat at the same time.


Ice in a clean terry towel or teacloth can also be used.  Let the ice begin to melt slightly and then let your baby suck on the ice through the towel.  Put a rubber band tightly around the ice to hold it inside the cloth, and also to make sure they do not drop or swallow the ice-cube.  The ice will soothe the pain and swelling from teething and your little one will be much happier (as will you).


If you bottle feed your baby, you can actually ice the bottle.  Just fill the bottle with water and then place it upside down in the freezer.  Let the water freeze, and then let your baby have the bottle.  The ice in the nipple will help to ease the pain and swelling, and make things a bit more bearable for your child.


Another interesting teething treatment is to use a cold, full size carrot straight from the fridge.  Wash and peel the carrot, and then let your little one chew it as long as he or she wants.  This will cool the gums, but also help relieve the ache from teething.


Finally, you can also use teething biscuits from the grocery store – these are usually all natural and unsweetened.


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