Moving to a Holistic Cloud Environment

Cloud solutions are the focal point to all IT services and data storage and with the emergence of hybrid cloud solutions, businesses are hosting their data in multiple cloud. The new kid on the block being business hybrid cloud solutions is all about having public cloud providers and private cloud platform in place yet independent of each other in a hybrid cloud space. In a way, today’s businesses are exposing bare minimum confidential data in the public platform and thereby ensuring a better hold on both private and public mechanisms. So, to say, businesses are not taxing their time and efforts while accessing private infrastructure.

The point is to do real-time work with fewer efforts through the cloud. And for small business in the US, hybrid cloud solutions are a jackpot per se with around 28% usage of hybrid cloud. Small business hybrid cloud solutions are highly in demand among the small and mid-size manufacturers in North America who house comparatively smaller IT hubs. It’s a game of reduced costs and reaping better benefits in both quality and quantity. 28% to 56% is what research predicts for the hybrid cloud using small businesses in the coming years. Essentially small businesses want to efficiently manage and control workloads virtually at low infrastructure and management cost with minimum caveats. Small businesses might find this whole gamble of deciding which cloud computing is the best fit to their IT needs as chaotic and thereby the call of the hour is to first understand how cloud solutions will impact your overall business operations. The small businesses in the US find hybrid cloud solutions to be safer and easy in the form of data accessibility. There is a clear preference among small businesses in the US to move from public or private to hybrid cloud environment as per Gartner and McFee’s study reports. Providing the best of both worlds including private and public, hybrid cloud solutions have made the lives of small businesses in the US a lot beneficial, scalable and flexible.

As per market research, business hybrid cloud solutions are almost existent in every industry within the US be it small or large. Latest reports also state that a good 75 percentile is evident in the hybrid cloud market within the US across all businesses. Vendors are also vigorously pushing small to large businesses to opt for hybrid cloud infrastructure with around 43% of current companies predicted to go hybrid by 2019. This, of course, involves a fair amount of time and financial investment.

As businesses are turning to hybrid cloud solutions, following are a few vendors and organizations that offer an equally deploy hybrid cloud solutions for enterprises of all sizes:


Known for its proven services in cloud space and the best in hybrid for its integration with existing product lines


No introduction needed for Amazon Web Services for its massive customer base that speaks enough of its cloud solutions


New in cloud space yet loud for its experience in the field of virtualization. Its hybrid cloud solution is different for its vCloud Air aspect


The customer base has outnumbered the existing ones in the hybrid cloud space.


Its hybrid cloud solution is an outcome of working with several vendors and products

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Known for its offering “Helion” is the perfect strategy for businesses


The best fit vendor for operations heavy enterprises


Bluemix as their hybrid cloud solution is the key to effective data leverage

Verizon Enterprise

Its hybrid solution comes with strong disaster recovery and cloud backup product


Running on Azure, Fujitsu hybrid solution helps deliver better business outcomes


Hybrid ready, they focus on integration with current systems


This Japanese vendor focuses on security and privacy through their hybrid cloud solution


Their hybrid cloud solution is a result of partner network


New kid on the block provides better agility with its hybrid cloud solution


Customer choice for its hybrid cloud solutions


The hybrid cloud solution is secure, flexible and reliable


Helps organizations to innovate and create new business opportunities

Nortec Communications

Intelligent and flexible hybrid cloud solution


The hybrid cloud services are all about creating space for digital transformation


Cost saving and digital transformation is what their hybrid cloud solution is all about

Regardless of what may the challenges and risks factors are, a hybrid cloud solution can reduce up to 24% of operational costs. The key takeaways while choosing a business hybrid cloud solution for small business are security and control, agility and flexibility, application management and operational cost factor. It’s quite staggering with the amount of data being stored in cloud space and this is where hybrid cloud solutions as the new entry make it more cost effective for small business. The economics and dynamics of implementing a hybrid cloud solution are all about designing and deploying the judicious way for value-driven performance at low IT expenditure costs.

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