Review: is Bare Minerals From Bare Escentuals a Good Product?

In the world of makeup, there are few products that have received the attention that Bare Minerals has.  However, this "all natural" makeup might not live up to its infomercial reviews.

First, there is a bit of sticker shock to get over.  You’ll find that Bare Minerals is a bit pricier than other products at the beauty store or drugstore.  However, it does live up to its claims of being all natural.  There are no unnatural, synthetic, man-made chemicals here, and that is the crux of all the other benefits.


Because Bare Minerals is all natural, it is not as harsh on your skin.  Most customers find that their skin is actually much healthier after using this product, though that is more likely to be from not using harmful makeup products, rather than any healing from Bare Minerals.


When it comes to performance, you’ll definitely notice a difference with Bare Minerals.  Most customers have been very pleasantly surprised by the way the product can help them look better, while simultaneously making it seem that they are not actually wearing any makeup at all.


The claim that Bare Minerals is gentle and can even be slept in is also true, though it’s not really advisable that you do so.


Although the product lives up to its claims, there are a few problems with Bare Minerals.  First, it is not waterproof.  Second, you can go through it very quickly.  Finally, the jars are a little too small for the full-size brush, so be prepared for a little mess until you get the hang of using the product.

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