The Best Exercises for an Expanding Waistline

Are you fighting the battle of the bulge, but losing?  There is no reason that your waistline should win if you’re determined to be slim.  Picking the right exercise options both inside and outside of the gym will help you shrink your waist down to the size that you want, and help you to get healthy and feel great.


One of the best exercise options, believe it or not, is to do use a hula-hoop.  You can use an actual hula-hoop for this, or you can check out some of the interesting new fitness games on the market.  Both the Wii and the Xbox have games that make you mimic the motion used to keep a hula-hoop up and in motion, and these exercise games can help you burn fat and shrink your waist.


Squats are another great option.  This exercise not only helps tone and strengthen your stomach, but also your thighs, legs and butt.  If you are particularly out of shape, start with squats without adding any weight.  Just point your feet directly out and squat – as you can see, it’s very simple.  As your fitness levels increase, you can add more weight with a barbell, or use dumbbells and free weights to add more resistance to your exercise routine.


Finally, using a yoga or medicine ball can also be a great way to shrink your waist with exercise.  Lie on your back on top of the ball and practice half sit-ups.  You can also do several variations of this exercise with the ball to boost your fitness and shrink your waist even more.

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