The Importance of Vitamin D For Your Overall Health

Everyone knows that vitamin D is important in order to be healthy, but I truly believe people don’t understand HOW important this vitamin is to obtain optimal health and maintain it.  Vitamin D offers many incredible benefits such as protection from multiple sclerosis, diabetes, cancer and many other diseases.  The best part is that you can re-charge your vitamin D levels simply by being outside and getting some sunshine!

Health Benefits of the Sun


Getting some sun is the best way to get your vitamin D, so try to avoid supplements if you can.  In order for vitamin D to be beneficial and effective to you, you need to learn and maintain healthy levels according to your age. 


Vitamin D has shown in recent studies to improve and maintain heart health as well as lower blood pressure.  It also helps prevent diabetes and reduce heart disease if you have diabetes.  Getting your daily dose of vitamin D will also ensure you have healthy vision.  This vitamin is so essential to our wellness and overall health, yet 95% of Americans are deficient, which is a very scary statistic.  Earlier studies show that having healthy vitamin D levels can help prevent at least 16 different types of cancer.

How to Get Your daily Dose


The best and most effective way to get your daily dose of vitamin D is by the sun, without sunblock!  Of course during the winter months supplementation will be needed, however it MUST be vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) so make sure that you check for this, otherwise you will be getting a synthetic form that is far less effective.


Today it is advertised that sunscreen is a lifesaver because it protects from skin cancer, but the reality is that instead is causing vitamin D deficiencies which leaves your immune system defenseless, putting you at a much higher risk for all types of cancer.  Every day between 10am-2pm you should go outside and expose your skin until it turn the lightest shade of pink (this will vary from person to person).  That is how you know you’ve received your correct daily dose of vitamin D.  


Remember that small parts such as your arms and face is not enough, so legs and back would be ideal.  If you are exposed the sun for prolonged periods of time and would like to protect your skin, then make sure the drugstore sunscreen you are using is free of all chemicals, like this one (Sunumbra organics sunscreen) it’s the best!


So start being proactive towards your health and research the many benefits vitamin D has to offer.  Start enjoying the warm sun rays that will provide you with an absolutely essential vitamin!  It can’t get easier than this.

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