This Best Friend’s Day, Here’s How You Should Catch Up With Your Best Buds!

There are a lot of phenomenal friendships that have been documented through moving pictures, but have you ever wondered what the TV show ‘Friends’ would be without the friends? Unimaginable right? That’s just how difficult it would be to comprehend what life would be in the absence of your best friends. From dragging you out of bed on a Sunday morning, planning a shopping spree post your heartbreak, to bar hopping every weekend, best buds take you places, literally.

When someone said, ‘Friendship is the magic pill to leading a good life’, they weren’t making a mere statement. Friendship is one of the most beautiful relationships that has been endowed upon mankind, and it is surely one for the keeps. Life would be bland without the excitement that your buddies bring to your little world. If you think that best friend relationships deserve to be commemorated with a special day, then you are not alone. To pay homage to the pillars of your life, Best Friend’s day is celebrated on the 8th of June by people across the country. An unofficial holiday in the country, this day gives best friends just another occasion to revel in togetherness.

The beginning of dedicating a day to best friendships cannot be clearly traced, however, it is believed to have been begun in the 1930’s. It was within no time that the idea of honoring best friends caught on as a rage among people. A day that is especially looked forward by the youngsters, Best Friend’s day is celebrated with an enthusiasm that is no less than that for a festival. Over the years, the success of the occasion has not only become a reason for exhilaration in the country but has encompassed the world.

While exchanging cards and friendship bands is a common tradition that is followed on Best friend’s day, it time to break free from these. Moreover, putting up a social media message of how much you love your best buds is the new trend, but the idea is just to cliché! This Best Friend’s day, take on a new route, celebrate the auspicious occasion in its truest essence. In case you cannot wrap your head around the most entertaining plan, here are a few.

Throw the wackiest pajama party – If you and your best squad cannot get enough of those disco nights, then it is time that you enjoy a different kind of party plan. Invite your friends to come home in the comfiest clothes they can get into. A few fun games, lots of food and dancing to some wild music, how fun does that sound? Party away with your buds until dawn.

Take a class together – What is it that interests you and your best friends the most? From taking a German language session, trying your hands at pottery, going to a baking class to learning how to make handmade jewelry, just step out and learn. There is nothing better than supporting your besties through learning, to honor the special day.

Volunteer together – Do you and your best friends always discuss ways of giving back to the society? Although in a small way, you and your besties can go out and spend the day with your favorite charitable organization. Teach little kids, caress animals or visit an old age home and you will feel double the joy. A noble idea with so much fun is totally worth it.

Go to a concert together – The reason you are best friends with your buds is the fact that you share so many common interests. Chances are high that you share the same taste in music too. If this holds true, then freaking out at a concert of your favorite artist could make the day most memorable. Let the experience go down in the books of history as you’ll reminisce someday that the most magical time of your lives was spent in the company of one another.

We all know how difficult it is to maintain a close friendship and keep those flames alive, but your best friends are truly worth your time and energy. This Best Friend’s day is just another reminder – ‘hold on to your best buds as you grow old together’!

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