5 Tips To Book Discounted Last-Minute Cruises

Cruises are a wonderful vacation choice when it comes to spending quality time on the sea with your loved ones. You can witness some scenic sunrises and sunsets from the deck. Taking a cruise is one of the most popular ways to travel but it can also get expensive depending on multiple factors like the cruise line you pick, inclusive excursions, lavish dining rooms, and extra add ons. But you can save a lot on your cruise deals by going to a reliable travel agent or cruise line. Vacations To Go, a premium and fully accredited travel agency is your go-to destination to get discounted last-minute travel deals. Most people plan a cruise vacation in advance hoping to save on the fares, while some only prefer to make their bookings at the last moment to bag great deals. 

Looking for a family cruise vacation or going solo? Taking a cruise trip to the Bermudas or New Zealand? Looking for special discounts for seniors or EMT professionals? Vacations To Go has something to offer to everyone, depending on their specific requirements.

Before you book your next cruise trip, you should follow some handy tips to get discounted last-minute deals on cruises.

Be flexible
If you want to get a cheap cruise deal, you should try and keep your itinerary flexible. Be ready to modify your choices when it comes to the cruise line, vacation dates, and cabin room you wish to pick. This will help you get some of the best last-minute cruise deals. Although you may not get a prime table or a balcony cabin, you can still enjoy a discounted trip.

Unless you are lucky enough to bag a great deal, booking in advance can be expensive due to the rising demand for a particular cruise or the dates you choose. It is always easier to find cheap last-minute deals when you keep your options open about the destination and departure location.

Book at the right time
One of the best times to book discounted last-minute cruise deals is 60 to 90 days before departure. This time period is the last call from most cruise lines as they allow travelers to cancel their existing bookings without any penalty. Once the cruise line figures out the exact number of empty cabins post all cancellations, they are likely to reduce the fare, often heavily, to ensure that the cruise is sold out. Last-minute fare reductions offer potential savings of even up to 82%, which make it a great choice for budget-conscious travelers.

Look for special offers
The key is to never miss out on any special offer that you see on the website of the cruise line or travel agent. One of the quickest and best ways is to go to the special offers page of the website and check out the deals that appeal to you. You may choose from an eclectic range of discounts for senior travelers, police officials, singles, and teachers, among others. These special offers can help you get around 60% to 70% discount on the fare. So, if you find cruise fares expensive, these special offers can help you bag last-minute discounted deals.

Pick carefully between peak and off-peak seasons
It is difficult to find cheap deals on cruises during the spring break, Christmas, or New Year’s. But if you have your heart set on cruising during these seasons, do not hold out. Interestingly, peak summer and holiday cruises do not sell out due to high fares, because of which you may get last-minute bargains on popular itineraries. It is also possible to find cheap cruise deals during the shoulder season, which is the period between the peak and off-peak seasons. For instance, consider traveling to the Caribbean during the travel lull periods of pre- and post-holiday seasons, which are the first two weeks of December and January. So, don’t rule out any option and keep looking for discounted deals on last-minute bookings.

Repositioning cruises can be great
Repositioning cruises may not always draw a lot of customers; so, you’re likely to get last-minute discounts on these trips. Most people are unaware that ships reposition twice a year because of which they take longer trips and sail unusual routes to reach their homeports. Repositioning cruises usually take two to three weeks and include a hodgepodge of seaports and numerous sea days. These long trips are expensive for the cruise line, and so, they accept last-minute passengers to sell out the cruise tickets. If you’re looking for a last-minute discounted cruise deal, repositioning cruises can be a great choice, especially if you do not have a fixed itinerary.

Cruising can be a wonderful and inexpensive experience if you know how to get last-minute deals. Look out for reliable websites and agents who can help you get additional discounts.

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