Experience Nature’s Grandeur the Top 5 National Parks in the U.S.A.

Across the United States the national parks have become a popular travel destination for many families. While there are many national parks to choose from, there are several standout parks that are absolute must-sees.

Grand Canyon National Park, located in Arizona, is considered to be one of the most popular of the national parks and is an all time favorite national landmark. 5 million people visit this park each year, so make sure you book in advance. Whether you choose to hike, take a hot air balloon flight to the top or take a mule ride to the bottom, the sights are simply spectacular.

Yellowstone National Park was the first of the national parks to become famous. It is considered by many to be among the most scenic of the national parks. Take a tour through its 52 mile stretch and you may well agree. From lava flows to waterfalls to Old Faithful, there is something for everyone in the family here. Be sure to bring your camera.

Acadia National Park is one of the smallest of the national parks, but you will find some of the largest attractions here, including Cadillac Mountain. Make sure you visit the quaint towns and coastal villages that are located outside the actual park while you are in the area.

Yosemite National Park covers some 800,000 acres and is one of the largest national parks in the U.S. If you and your family enjoy rock climbing, this is definitely a national park to consider visiting. Of course, the 200 giant sequoia trees are not to be missed either. These are the tallest trees in the world, some reaching up to 378 feet in height with 20-feet wide trunks. One has even been hollowed out so you can drive a car through the middle of it! The General Sherman Tree (found at this park) is the most massive living organism on earth, and also the oldest – it is estimated to be between 2,000 and 2,300 years old.

Finally, be sure to consider Denali National Park, located in Alaska, and home to Mount McKinley. This is one of the few national parks where you will have the chance to see such wildlife as red foxes, caribou and prairie dogs.

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