How to Treat Your Family to a Fun Weekend on a Tight Budget

In this economy, it can seem hard to find fun things to do as a family that don’t cost a fortune.  However, there are numerous affordable options and family activities that can add up to a lot of fun for your entire family.


The beach is the number one ‘free’ activity you can treat your kids to.  What child doesn’t like splashing in the waves, fishing in rock pools and racing the family dog up and down the beach?  Grab your sunblock and waders and get ready for a day in the sun!


If you’re more the indoor type, you can enjoy affordable family activities like renting movies – if you have instant streaming movies over an Internet connection, you can have a weekend in, stock up on popcorn, and watch as many movies as you like.  This allows you to watch unlimited movies without having to pay more than your monthly membership fee or bother with driving to your local video store.


Another great option that won’t set you back a bundle is to have a weekend “game night.”  Break out your old board games and introduce the kids to family activities that have become less common in recent years.  Visit any toy store or department store and you’ll find many different games that are loads of fun, from Uno to Yahtzee, Scrabble, Monopoly and Life.


There are numerous family activities that can cost little or nothing to do.  There’s no reason to spend a bundle by going out this weekend – stay in and save some of your hard-earned cash without sacrificing fun and enjoyment.

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