The Latest ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Gossip Who’s Dating Who This Season?

Dancing with the Stars is one of the hottest shows on television.  Every week viewers gather together to see their favorite celebrities, former celebrities, and pseudo celebrities pair up with professional dancers to see how well they can move along to the musical theme of the week. 


What it may lack in deeper meaning and plot on camera, however, Dancing with the Stars certainly makes up for in behind the scenes intrigue.  The show’s contestants are famous for their off-camera hookups and secret dating, and it has been that way since the beginning.

These often scandalous hookups aren’t surprising for those who have spent a lot of time dancing, as dancing is very sensual and requires a great deal of physical contact and closeness.  Contestants have to work together for many weeks or even months of grueling training to perform their numbers, and this can often create a very close personal bond.  It only makes sense that Dancing with the Stars cast members wind up wanting to get closer to their partners. 


Even during the show’s tenth season, gossip still ran rampant.  Chad Ochocinco and Cheryl Burke were allegedly a new couple both on and off camera, getting photographed out on the town together, and with Ochocinco actually buying Burke a diamond ring worth five figures!  This was one Dancing with the Stars pairing that was obvious to anyone watching.

For the longest time, the biggest source of ratings to come from Dancing with the Stars was the on-screen chemistry between Sabrina Bryan and Mark Ballas.  Their personal chemistry was undeniable during the fifth season of the show, and it was only a matter of time before it turned into something off-camera as well. The couple was even engaged for a time before calling the relationship off.

Dancing with the Stars seems to be a great place for celebs to find love, even if only for the duration of the season.

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