How to Install Plantation Shutters

If you are looking for a great way to add a touch of old-world charm to your home without going broke in the process, you may wish to consider plantation shutters.  They are incredibly beautiful, and when you choose to install them yourself, they can cost very little.  

If you decide that this sounds like a great home repair project for you, buy your shutters from a home improvement store, then lay them out on a sheet in front of your desired window.


For Inside Mounted Shutters:


Get started on the installation by centering the Z frame on the inside of the window while the shutter panels are open.  Attach the frame to the window casement starting in the center and screwing them into place every thirty inches.  Adjust the frame bottom in order to ensure that the panels are aligned, secure the side framed to the window and screw into place and snap in the filler strips.  With the shutter magnets mounted, your home repair project is done.


For Outside Mounted Shutters:


For outside mount plantation windows, the home repair instructions are a little different.  Start by using a square frame and mark the location where you want it positioned.  Screw the top frame into the wall using three inch screws.  Align the top and bottom panels and then secure the bottom frame into place.  Last, just install the side frames, snap in the filler and put the shutter magnets into place.

Whether you use an inside or outside mount, you will find that installing plantation shutters can be easy. With these simple steps, you can complete a great home repair project that gives your home a whole new look and feel.

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