Review: Blublocker Sunglasses Worth the Higher Price Tag?

For the past 15 or so years, infomercials have been touting the benefits of Blublocker sunglasses.  These products have been hailed as a revolution in eyewear for decades, promising crystal clear vision while blocking out UV and blue spectrum light rays.  Millions of pairs have been sold, and now thousands of companies make generic Blublocker sunglasses.


The question is, do Blublocker sunglasses really work as advertised?

If you take the time to read reviews from people who have purchased and used actual Blublocker sunglasses, you will find that the reviews are actually quite positive.  While most television products get mixed reviews at best, there are many Blublocker sunglasses customers who refuse to ever wear anything else. 


Many people who have had Lasik surgery tout the glasses for their ability to actually stop the halo effect that appears around lights after the operation, and many are quick to point out that they make it easier than ever to see on a sunny day.

Blublocker sunglasses are designed to provide great vision in any lighting condition, and for many consumers, they are perfect.  While the largest complaint is that they are not exceptionally durable, it is actually hard to find complaints from consumers regarding how much they can help increase vision in the sun. 


The bottom line with Blublocker sunglasses is that if you are looking for great eye protection that is available in a number of designs and styles, you are best to go with true Blublocker sunglasses and to avoid the generic knockoffs at all costs.

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