Here’s What To Expect From The New iPhone 11 Series

The new iPhone is on the brink of its launch. From a handful of tweaks to some major upgrades, Apple makes sure to up its ante in the smartphone market with every new phone. Will the new iPhone 11 series stay true to the expectations of tech geeks and iPhone lovers? Camera upgrades, a faster chipset, and network capability, the iPhone 11 is all set to change the face of the premium smartphone market. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect from the all-new iPhone 11 series:

iPhone 11 series

Apple will be announcing the exact names of the iPhone 11 range on its launch date. These will be successors to the earlier iPhone X series – iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR. It is speculated that the top iPhone model will be dubbed as iPhone 11 and will have a virtually identical design to the 2019 versions. The phone will retain its 6.5-inch Liquid Retina LCD and thick bezels. With already existing color variants from its 2019 phones, iPhone 11 might also be available in green and purple.

Apart from the iPhone 11, the other two top variants – iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are said to have similar resolutions and screen sizes to the iPhone XS and XS Max. It is also rumored that the new iPhone 11 series will be made from a shatter-resistant glass for better resistance. It is also rumored that there will be a fourth variant of the new iPhone – iPhone 11R.

The camera square

This may be the most talked-about feature of the new iPhone 11 – a giant square with three camera lenses at the back of the phone. These include ultra-wide angle and telephoto lenses, all decked up with impressive AI features. One such feature is the Smart Frame wherein the image is automatically reframed if someone’s face gets cropped from the camera frame. The triple camera system will be able to take better photos in low-light situations.

Slow-motion selfies

Time warp or slow-motion videos are popular camera effects. Imagine having this as a feature of your front camera? With the new iPhone 11 phones, you may just be able to record slow-motion videos through the front camera. Apparently, the camera will record videos at 120 fps (frames per second) to produce time-warping effects.

Multiangle Face ID

Another upgrade that might see the light of the day is the multiangle face ID. Apple might have included a scanner that may scan a wider field of view for your face. This will allow you to effortlessly unlock your phone without tilting it to a specific angle.

FaceTime attention correction

This is one brand new feature that could be seen in the iPhone 11 phones. FaceTime will use AR (augmented reality) to correct your gaze every time you look at the screen. This fixes the long-standing problem of making eye contact during video calls. The attention correction edits the user’s eye to make it look like they are looking at the caller (in the front camera) instead of looking at the screen.

Reverse wireless charging for Airpods

Like its competitors who are already providing reverse wireless charging for phones and accessories, Apple also intends to add reverse wireless charging to the iPhone 11 phones. Some reports also suggest that there will be phone-to-watch charging for the phones and Apple Watches.

New mute switch

The quintessential sideway-moving mute switch that has been there since the first model might finally get an upgrade. Instead of turning sideways, it could change to one that moves up and down.

The return of the Taptic Engine

iPhone makers seem to have realized that iPhones are better to use with haptics motor or taptic engine instead of the 3D touch. So, the new iPhones might no longer be relying on your finger’s pressure sensitivity. Instead, long press (haptic motor) will let you manage icons and data on your phone.

Real-time video editing

Thanks to the supposedly new A13 bionic chipset, the iPhone 11 will let you add effects, change colors, and crop videos all while you are still recording. This will save time and give you freedom from post-editing, thereby allowing you to upload top-quality videos in an instant.

No 5G support

All the recent iPhone modems were built by Intel as they had planned to produce 5G modems for the new iPhone 11. Sadly, Intel faced some serious problems with the 5G chip and exited the business. iPhones will probably be ready for 5G in 2020 but for now, you will not get a 5G iPhone. 

Amid all these speculations, it would be interesting to see which of the above-mentioned features will be a part of the new iPhones. Nevertheless, the new iPhones will certainly attract new buyers and pleasantly surprise us with new features.

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